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Sunglasses with UV ray protection

Boca Family Eye Care’s sunglasses will maximize your style and protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation next time you relax at West Palm Beach, FL. Boca Family Eye Care’s variety of quality frames for glasses and sun glasses include brands Dior, Gucci, Prada, Ray Ban, Silhouette, Charmont, LaFont, Adidas, Converse, Serengeti, Bolle, Takumi, Easy Clip, Guess, Trussardi and others to suit your style, reliability and comfort needs. Boca Family Eye Care offers sunglasses for women, men, children and athletes.

If you need prescription sunglasses the optometrists at Boca Family Eye Care can help you. They are versed in the styles and options they offer and know how to help you choose a pair of frames for your sunglasses that will fit your needs and look stylish. It is generally recommended that you choose larger sunglasses to help give your eyes, and the skin around your eyes, more coverage from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. Large sunglass frames are currently in style and Boca Family Eye Center offers a variety of large frame sunglasses.

If you are an athlete or active person who works up a sweat while wearing sunglasses, you will want to choose a pair of glasses with rubber nose and earpieces. These materials help sunglasses stay in place through your sport activities. If durability is of prime importance to you in choosing sunglasses you will want to choose a nylon frame, as opposed to a metal or acetate frame. However, metal frames more easily conform to your face and at times can be less in the way of your line of vision. If variety in color is important to you, acetate frames may be your best choice.

There are several accessories you can purchase for sunglasses. Two of the most recommended are a clip to attach to your car and a protective case. Having a clip in your car for your sunglasses makes your pair easily accessible when you are driving and need eye protection from the sun. It also keeps your prescription sunglasses safe from damage. A protective case is a must-have for prescription sunglasses wearers. When you make the investment into prescription sunglasses, you want to protect that investment. It is likely you will be on the go a lot with your sunglasses and keeping them covered and protected in a case is the best way to transport them and ensure their longevity.

With so many choices of sunglasses and sun glass accessories the staff at Boca Family Eye Care is available to help you find what you need. Click here for directions to our optometry office in Boca Raton, Florida near West Palm Beach.

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